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    We are interested in truly collaborative processes which build strength and value both individually and collectively simultaneously. Competition is part of the world and the landscape of work, but too often gets in the way of good work and needed collaboration. 

    We are committed to in a supporting infrastructure needs each individual group, while building power through a truly incentivized collaborative network. This is consistent with many of our partners practices within our network. 

    For example the Baltimore City Youth Fund's approach aligns with how we want to ensure than not only are we providing resources and programming for children and youth.

    But we are interested in resourcing practices that break the kinds of behavior that undermine our communities best interest and that of equity and instead encourages and allows new seeds (ideas & groups) to grow in fertile ground, in ways that transform community.

    That is why we Co-lead the Mid Atlantic's Community of Practice around "Old Money, Next Systems.

    Let's Explore Together

     Fiscal Sponsorship-- Project Form #1/3

    Our approach asks of all of us to look at self, organization, community in doing the work, among varying community circles as partners and colleague as peers.

    We believe in a model oriented toward continual improvement (improvement science).  Where the values of our different culture which we define as ways of being and evaluation and complexity, network, movement, often

    Falls apart. 

    Said differently when money is on the table we to often feel pitted to only will work for me. Versus 

    Laying down a stone to step on, then laying down another stone, to chart a new path forward. We have those practices as embodied and encouraged in our approach.

    There are many ancient references to these ways of being,but rarely or often doesn’t exist in practice well.

    Fiscal Sponsorship Financial--Project Form #2/3

    Traditional Fiscal Sponsorship

    We value insight and different ways of being, so our approach to evaluation is both traditional and flexible.  First the traditional approach.  If we mutually decide to go deeper into relationship we will explore a 3rd form that explores philosophy of how you operate and wish to be judged or evaluated on your work and practice.


    This is because we believe that people see differently and can therefore can Be  and act in the world differently. 

    In fact “Ways of being” is how we define culture. 

    And different cultures have different values and virtues …around which their entire cultures rotate. Some of us also have multiple cultures.

    We live and have to report and evaluate in the world.  How we structure and make decisions can vary however.  This next form is a traditional approach. 

     If this only partially or does not resonate with you at all, we will invite you (in Fiscal Sponsorship Form #3) into deeper conversations around how we might evaluate your work in a way more consistent with you culture, or way of being, while still meeting standards and requirements.

    About Us

    Expert Equity Practitioners

    Systems Thinking 

    Network Development

    Movement “Making” 

    Counter Racism

    Social Determinants of Well Being 

    Convergent Health & Wealth Enhancing Practices

    Alternative Economic Architecture 

    Alternative Political Architecture

    Organizing Strategies  

    Strategy Development & Execution Support

    National Security & Nation State Stabilization Factors 

    Culture of Practice


    -New Empericism Standards and Goals: Quantum Social Science practice. 

    -Organizing Strategies that make or break  social odds includes the setting of "policy leverage fulcrums" for impact.

    -Through systems approaches we seek corrective actions for trajectories which form negative outcomes, and encourage those actions which enhance national security and stability all while promoting equity in all policy.

    -Understanding our Places of multiple belonging: Navigation of Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous Adaptive Dynamic Systems.

    -"Making sense": Making "next wise action" decision-making within complexity.

    Join US by Supporting Our Legacy


    National leadership council of the oldest innovation in nationally- coordinated, place based social determinants initiative.

    An established precedent in Structuring Community Belonging through the practicing of Big Citizenship in ground up MEGACommunities Practices. Through a full range of axiologies and the data collection, ownership, evaluation and methodologies that support them, we have a track record of developing and structuring Learning Community Partnerships with government, business/academy and civil society.

    Innovation driven: generative creation of more symmetric power in civil society, he is strengthening and building community based organizations and more abundantly endowed institutions, while visioning and constructing Alternative Economic Architecture® and Alternative Political Architecture®.  

    Our Founder recently completed his tenure as part of the revamped, oldest Foundation Leadership Programs in the nation.  The  WK Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Network Fellow-Racial Equity & Healing, National Cohort.

    We support manifold Leadership Development Pipelines formally and informally through Red Pill Leadership Initiatives including thought leadership in creation of the The Kaiser Permanente Institute For Equitable Leadership.

    Our origin story has its roots in Black American contributions going back to the 1700's including a legacy of the Under Ground Railroad. Join us to ensure Equity, Freedom, and Well being for every American.

    Touch Base

    We appreciate your amazing support through the years and can't wait to show you what we've been working on.

    Check out this video

    The Last Word Video: Communities unite in Baltimore  

    Message for Baltimore during beginning of Baltimore Uprising/Unrest  


    Report Download

    Baltimore Community Health Equity Report-Equity Matters Executive Production with PLACE-MATTERS-for-Health-in-Baltimore (pdf)


    TED Talk: Founder Michael P Scott Baltimore TED-X Cities 2.0

    Life Expectancy:

    --the Ultimate Metric of a Civilization 

    --Decision making out of Fear vs Abundance 

    ...and durable externalities (the positive and negative unintended consequences) which reduce and calcify upward trajectory and mobility in our society, our health and our life expectancy as individuals and as a nation state.

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