Why Equity Matters. Health is the first form of wealth.

Imagine a city of neighborhoods. A patchwork of vibrant, resilient neighborhoods that are unmistakably distinct, yet undeniably similar.

Imagine that in one of these neighborhoods, a child born today will live to be 83 years old. Now picture another neighborhood, one just a few streets away, where another child born today will live to be just 63 years old. Picture that neighborhood versus the first one. What causes this difference? What you have just imagined are the effects of inequity. You have just painted a picture of Baltimore. Unfortunately, this inequity costs the lives of 2400 Baltimoreans every year.

At Equity Matters, we seek to bring about a local and national paradigm shift about the need for that will be reflected and codified in public policy and private practice.


As part of our process we train community and policy leaders to develop problem-solving strategies for situations that are often seen as intractable or marginally-served. We conduct, participate in, and support the dissemination of research, both of our work and others within our network. We do this through engaging them in research-supported approaches to greater equity in system solutions, and we re-focus their efforts on how the evidence suggests improving multiple outcomes can be achieved via specific policy action, exposure training, and collaborations.